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Coalition Membership Categories

The Coalition is comprised of one representative from each Member and Supporter organization/agency and two representatives from each of the three founding organizations. The Coalition is a multi-year effort. The benefits of serving as a Coalition Member or Coalition Supporter are listed below. At the current time, there are no dues for Coalition Members or Supporters. However, member and supporter organizations are responsible for covering travel costs for their own representatives to Coalition meetings.

All Coalition Members and Supporters:

  • Appoint a representative to the Coalition who is eligible to serve as one of two At-large representatives on the Coalition’s Executive Committee
  • Attend the Coalition’s annual meeting
  • Have access to the Coalition’s tools and resources
  • Keep the Coalition informed of their organization’s related activities
  • Disseminate relevant information to organization members or employees through listservs, websites and newsletters
  • Engage in learning, best practice exchange and information sharing to advance the Coalition’s goals

Coalition Members: Actively participate in national, state and local efforts to advance the Coalition’s goals.

Coalition Supporters: Are willing to lend their names to the effort and may participate in national, state and local Coalition activities, as appropriate.

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