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CMDL: Modernizing Dental Licensure

Advancing patient safety, access to care and professional mobility by improving the dental licensure process.

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What is the Coalition for Modernizing Dental Licensure (CMDL)?

CMDL is a coalition of 115+ national and state organizations, institutions and programs representing dentistry, dental education, dental specialties, dental hygiene and nonprofit groups working to improve public access to oral health care.

Since its founding in 2018, the Coalition has focused on two essential goals:

  • To eliminate single-encounter, procedure-based patient examinations, replacing them with clinical assessments that have stronger validity and reliability evidence.
  • To increase licensure portability to allow for professional mobility and improved access to care.


Coalition founders based these objectives on findings shared by the Task Force on Assessment of Readiness to Practice (TARP). These recommendations continue to guide the Coalition’s work as we unite to modernize licensure practices for dentists and dental hygienists.

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American Dental Hygienists’ Association leaders talk with Coalition Chair Dr. Joseph Crowley.
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View general licensure requirements for your state, along with detailed requirements for specific dental credentials. 

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Who can join the Coalition?

Organizations, agencies and education programs that support dental licensure reform are invited to join the Coalition as Members or Supporters. Current Members and Supporters include national organizations, dental schools, dental hygiene programs, state dental associations, state dental hygiene associations and specialty dental associations.

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What is the difference between a Coalition Member and Coalition Supporter?

Organizations can choose to join as either Members or Supporters. Both Members and Supporters have access to the Coalition’s tools and resources, and their representatives are eligible to serve as at-large members of the Coalition’s Executive Committee. The decision to join as a Member or Supporter is at each organization’s discretion, based on their desired level of active involvement. Members actively participate in national, state and local efforts to advance Coalition goals. Supporters are willing to lend their names to the effort and may participate in national, state and local Coalition activities as appropriate and desired.

Is there a financial commitment to join the Coalition?

There is no cost to join the Coalition. However, member organizations are responsible for covering travel costs for their own representatives to in-person Coalition meetings.

How can my organization join the Coalition?

Just follow the link below to begin your application. Once your completed application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our Executive Committee. You will receive an email response within three weeks.

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