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June 2023 Update: The Coalition consolidates membership categories
The Coalition has consolidated its Member and Supporter membership categories into one membership category. All members and supporters are now considered “Partners” of the Coalition.
September 2022 Webinar: Update on the Coalition’s progress and the multi-state licensure compact in development

The September 2022 webinar highlights the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Licensure Compact currently under development and provides updates on the changing environment for initial licensure. Coalition plans for the upcoming year are shared including ways the Coalition can support advocacy efforts in your state.

50 minutes | Watch full webinar

Short segments from the webinar are available below.

Coalition Update
5 minutes | Watch segment on Coalition update now

Initial Licensure
12 minutes | Watch segment on initial licensure now

Licensure Portability
4 minutes | Watch segment on licensure portability now

Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact
21 minutes | Watch segment on Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact now

4 minutes | Watch Q&A segment now

Closing Comments
1 minute | Watch segment on Coalition update now

July 2021 Podcast: How licensure reform will benefit dental hygienists

Coalition Chair Dr. Joseph Crowley speaks with American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) leaders about the impact of licensure reform for dental hygienists.

Listen to the July 2021 podcast

July 2021 Coalition webinar: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dental licensure reform

This July 2021 webinar explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dental licensure landscape, including ethical issues, questions of portability and the progress that will result from these new insights.

60 minutes | Watch webinar on the impact of Covid-19 on licensure

Short segments from the main webinar are also available.

Initial licensure

12 minutes | Watch webinar on initial licensure now

Licensure portability

11 minutes | Watch webinar on licensure probability now 

Ethics and impact of COVID-19

7 minutes | Watch webinar on ethics and impact of COVID-19 now

Coalition update

7 minutes | Watch webinar on Coalition update now

Questions and answers

17 minutes | Watch webinar on questions and answers now

May 2019 Introduction to the Coalition for Modernizing Dental Licensure

In this May 2019 webinar, members of the Executive Committee describe the mission, goals and structure of the Coalition and outline the reasons for change.

31 minutes | Watch May 2019 webinar now

October 2019 Webinars: Coalition for Modernizing Dental Licensure inaugural meeting

The following webinars were recorded at the Coalition’s inaugural session in October 2019.

Executive Committee session

Executive Committee members outline Coalition mission, goals and structure and emphasize the reasons for change.

31 minutes | Watch Executive Committee session now

A case study in success

Dr. Monty MacNeil, CMDL Executive Committee member and former Dean of the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, explores the licensure reform process in Connecticut.

12 minutes | Watch a case study in success now

Advocacy in action

David Owsiany, Executive Director of the Ohio Dental Association, discusses issues to consider when advocating for licensure reform.

12 minutes | Watch advocacy in action webinar now

Personal impact

Dr. Lindsey Yates, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, shares her perspective and the impact of dental licensure on her life choices.

10 minutes | Watch personal impact webinar now

The Coalition’s policy on initial licensure and licensure portability.
Episode 92, Point of interest is at minute 6:50.
The Coalition advocates for licensure portability for dentistry and dental hygiene.

Licensure Information Map

View licensure requirements for your state, including details about initial licensure and licensure by credentials.

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