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Advocacy Efforts for Dental Licensure

Advocate in your state with the right tools, resources, and information to be part of the change.

The Coalition continues to strive for licensure portability for dentists and dental hygienists across the country. The Coalition supports the Dentist and Dental Hygienist (DDH) Compact as a way to increase licensure portability and access to care.

What is the DDH Compact?

The DDH Compact is an interstate occupational licensure compact. Interstate compacts are constitutionally authorized, legally binding, legislatively enacted contracts among states.

The DDH Compact allows licensed dentists and dental hygienists in good standing the opportunity to practice in other compact member states, without having to go through the often expensive and time-intensive process of applying for a license in each state.

Advocacy Resources

Download the following resources for additional information:

Find more ways to advocate by reviewing the DDH Compact Toolkit. Here you will find useful information and be sure to look for the Letter of Support Template. Use it to reach out to your Representative/Senator to convey the importance of the DDH Compact.